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What to look for when buying speaker wire connectors

You can buy speaker wires without connectors and then add different shaped connectors to the wires. This article shows you what to look out for when buying speaker wire connectors.

High quality speaker wire connectors

Overview You can also buy speaker wires with connectors.
The most commons speaker wires connector is called a banana plug, and this is the shape of a jack connector on ear-buds, microphones, and speakers.
The other common shapes of speaker wire plugs are pin plug connectors and spade plug connectors. You can get single and double banana speaker plug connectors.
Single speaker banana plugs are the most common speaker connections. Banana plugs have a snug fit, so they have a powerful connection.
Speaker plugs make your wiring safer and more stable. When you buy a cheap speaker wire, you will not have the same resistance to damage and corrosion that better quality speaker wires and connections offer. All speaker wires are copper, but sometimes the ends are have silver or other metal soldering on the ends.
Copper wire resistance is an important feature of speaker wires because of how it conducts electricity, not sound. The size of the wire can be 12-gauge speaker wire or 16-gauge speaker wire. This difference matters depending on how long your speaker wire is, how powerful it needs to be, and how flexible it needs to be.

Do expensive wires lead to better sound?

Expensive wires There is a lot of debate about the sound quality that speaker wires can bring to audio output.
The speaker wires connects the speakers to the amps. If you have a low quality or low power amp, even the most expensive speaker wire can not create sound beyond the capacity of the hardware it is connected to. Similarly, speakers have limitations on how loud they can be. A speaker's sound capacity is limited by its design. A poorly designed speaker can not be improved by the quality of the wire. The amp has to have enough power and the speaker has to be able to keep up with the amp. Final word Before you invest in expensive car audio speaker cable or wire, make sure that you have high quality speakers.
The main difference between expensive wires is in the connectors. If you are going to be pulling the banana plug out frequently, you need to invest in a high quality plug that will not bend.

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