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What will plumbing courses teach me?

A plumbing course ranges from teaching a few basic skills to a do-it-yourself plumbing enthusiast through a vocational school to college earned plumbing qualifications. To learn what skills a plumbing course can teach you, read the guide below.

What does initial learning include?

How to be a plumber Learning how to become a plumber requires a variety of skills, some of them unique to that trade. As well as these necessary skills, it is also essential to learn about safety procedures, codes and regulations. Care of equipment and tools
One of the first lessons to be taught potential or would be plumbers is the correct care to be used while handling tools and how to correctly use them. All introductory courses should teach this important lesson, as without this knowledge it could prove costly in replacing parts and items of equipment through a plumber's misuse. Identifying equipment
As well as how to use tools and equipment correctly, it is important to know what each is called. Tools such as augers, snakes, wrenches and pipe cutters need to be known as in many cases there are many variations of the same tool. Welding and soldering equipment are two examples of specialised equipment for more advanced courses and such equipment is necessary in the plumbing trade.
Pipe installation
On intermediate courses, trainee plumbers must learn how to install pipes and their components. They must always follow plumbing codes and learn how to identify these from commercial drawings and building plans.

Further requirements of training

Drainage systems
Plumbing courses should also teach the design and layout of drains. Both sanitary drainage systems as well as those required for venting purposes should be studied.
Maintenance and repair
Once qualified, many plumbers will be called on to carry out maintenance and repair emergencies, particularly in residential properties. Issues such as blocked drains and why they are blocked are situations that plumbers are required to know. During plumbing courses, students are taught how to identify these problems, the likely place where they occurred and how to use the tools to solve the problem.
Soldering and brazing
Soldering and brazing are taught so as to know how to correctly join pipe tubing and fittings during installation or repairs. Plumber courses cover the correct methods of soldering and brazing, how to operate the equipment with safety in mind as well as complete the task efficiently and with quality.
Plumbing calculations
Some aspects of plumbing can be taught on an 'earn while you learn' system where trainees learn alongside an experienced plumber. Many of the calculations needed for rectangular area and volume, the sizes of pipes and their fittings are best learned through this type of on the job training.

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