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Where can I buy Audi TT parts?

The Audi TT is one of the most common and recognisable sports cars on the roads of Britain. Given the widespread popularity of the Audi TT, finding cheap spare parts for your Audi is easy to achieve, both through officially licensed Audi dealers, TT shops and unofficial vendors. Read on this article to know where you can buy Audi TT parts.

In person

When buying spare parts through unofficial means, especially when using websites such as eBay, you should always take care to ensure the authenticity of the equipment which you are buying. Official means
Parts for your Audi TT can be acquired through licensed Audi dealerships and garages. Simply visit and click the grey "locate a centre" button towards the top right of the home page. Enter your post code, and click the radio button marked "service & repairs" to find your most convenient local official Audi parts dealerships. Get in touch
You are advised to contact the dealers that are generated by your search before visiting them in person, unless they are within a close proximity of your house. Call the dealership, garage or store and ask them if they have the specific part which you require for your TT. Unofficial dealers and shops
There are equally as many unofficial stores selling Audi TT parts as there are official vendors. Search your telephone directory or online to find the nearest vendor selling Audi TT parts. Advice As with official dealerships, you are advised to contact these shops rather than simply dropping by, as they can tell you whether or not they have your part(s) in stock, and they may be able to mail order your equipment.


Spare parts websites
A range of online websites sell spare parts for many popular cars and vehicles, including Audi TTs. Visit sites such as, and to search for their Audi TT parts. Advice
Think about the additional cost of ordering through one of these websites, as you would also have to pay for both postage and packaging, which can be very expensive with the size and weight of some car parts. Auction websites
Visit auction websites such as and search for either the Audi TT parts which you require or even whole Audi TTs which are "off the road" due to their state of disrepair. Order spare parts to be delivered to your house or arrange to collect them yourself by travelling to the seller. If you buy an "off the road" Audi TT to strip for parts, arrange to strip the parts on the seller's driveway before getting the rest of the car scrapped locally, as this will save you money.

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