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Where can I find discount books

It is becoming easier and easier to find cheap and discounted books and so people avoid having to pay the full price for books. In this guide, we shall look at some of the ways in which this can be done, and the best places to obtain cheap books.

Discount book stores

There are specialist book stores which sell discounted books, and some which sell remaindered books, that is, those which have been discontinued by the publishers.
One of the best places to obtain such books on discount is at one of the so-called designer outlet shopping villages, such as Bicester Shopping Village and Cheshire Oaks. There is a well known chain called "The Works" which can be found in many of these villages, and they have a large number of discounted books.

Discounted books on the Internet

Some of the cheapest books can be bought online. Amazon discounts a large proportion of their books, as do a number of other sites. Cheap books can also be obtained on eBay, not just secondhand ones, for many of the well known booksellers have an eBay outlet too. In fact, the Internet is rapidly becoming one of the best places to buy books at very reasonable prices.

Ordinary book stores

Especially since the recession, books are increasingly being discounted in ordinary book shops. W H Smiths Smiths frequently have offers such as "Buy one, get one free" or cut price books. These are often bestsellers and recently published books. The major supermarkets Tesco almost always has cut price books, and some of the other supermarkets are following them in this respect. Buying your books along with your groceries is becoming quite common!

Other places to buy discount books

Mail order companies Some mail order companies sell discounted books. One of these is Bibliophile Books, who have both a postal newsletter and an online presence. They have a huge number of books which are available for sale, most of them remaindered, at very cheap prices. Book clubs Book clubs like World Books have some great offers, particularly their introductory ones. However, usually you have to commit to buying a certain number of books in the future at a higher price, typically four books in the first year. So you need to decide carefully if you want the introductory offer enough for it to be worth your while. Enjoy your book buying!

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