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Where can I find free legal help?

There comes a time in everyone’s life where people find themselves in situations that cause them to seek advice from a legal professional. Many people think that cost and fees associated with legal advice is expensive, but what people should understand is that there are several places which provide free legal services.

Free legal advice in local areas

Law firms
Almost in all cities, there is a law firm where someone can go to obtain free legal advice. Many law firms encourage people who need legal advice to stop into their office and receive a free consultation, because this will allow the law firm to make a good impression on the customer, and maybe get hired for legal representation.
Free consultations
The free legal consultation will provide valuable knowledge to the person in legal trouble, and they will receive advice from an attorney regarding the course of action that should be taken.
Legal-aid groups
Most cities have legal aid groups that help to provide free legal assistance to low-income families and individuals. Many legal aid groups are run by a government organisation called Legal Services Corporation, which is a network of over 900 free legal aid offices nationwide.

Using technology to obtain free legal advice

Legal advice on the internet
With technology being as popular as it is today, the internet is a great place to obtain free legal advice. Since information on the internet can come from many different sources such as bloggers, freelance writers, or even law offices website, a person must be careful with the legal advice they receive from the internet.
Many free legal advice websites use open forums to provide advice, because this method allow users to post their questions, and receive answers from real lawyers.
Discussion boards and articles written by legal professionals
The internet also provides free legal advice in the form of discussions boards and articles, which can help a person gain insight on their legal situation. Legal hotlines
For those individuals who are not computer literate, it is possible for them to phone a legal hotline to obtain free legal advice. Obtaining legal advice from a legal hotline will connect a person to a live individual and this will help to provide legal advice and support.

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