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Where can I find jobs at Dell?

In less than 30 years, Dell Inc. has become one of the world's leading technology companies, with career opportunities in more than 50 countries. Obviously, this kind of success and growth leads to job security and growth potential for a qualified candidate. But how does that candidate go about finding Dell jobs? The article below is a short guide to help candidates in the job search.

Types of work

Service careers Ranging from one time hardware installations to long-term service agreement, Dell offers customers a wide array of options. This makes for a similarly wide array of employment opportunities. Whether in consulting, project management, hardware and software integration, on site engineering, or in any of the numerous other fields, there is a job to fit almost any skill set. Manufacturing and logistics Dell's manufacturing and logistics network extends around the world. With facilities in Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina in the United States, Penang and Xiaman in China, and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, there are countless positions to choose from in logistics, transportation, engineering, manufacturing, and management in the Dell factory of your choice. Information Technology After all, no surprise is here, Dell is a technology company. Database administration, systems analysis, software development, and security engineering are just few examples of the careers available in this field.


Applying for a job at Dell is as simple as going to, and searching for your desired position by category or location, or, if there is a Dell facility near your place of residence, then you can go and apply in person.
Online application
If applying online, consider that a global corporation receives thousands of applications. To make yours stand out, it may be worthwhile to pay a professional resume builder to polish yours. If this isn't an option, at least take the time to double-check all the information for accuracy, spelling and grammar errors, etc. Be sure to add any foreign languages you speak, and if you are willing to relocate. This can make all the difference in a company which is located in more than fifty countries.

Final thoughts

As with any job, getting in the door can be frustrating. Be flexible. Consider taking a job that isn't exactly what you want, then move within the company later.
Show that you are serious about your career, and give yourself an advantage over the fellow applicants by taking training and certification courses. In your resume, mention your willingness to continue to do so, even after hire if the company desires. A little extra effort can make all the difference.

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