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Where can I get cheap BlackBerry phones in UK?

Smart phones can be bought from a variety of different sources in the UK: in shops and online. This article covers the best stores to purchase them as well as trusted online sources as well.


Availability of phones
BlackBerry phones are best bought in reputable shops such as O2, T Mobile and Carphone Warehouse and these stores offer the latest phones for the best price in a package tailored to fit your needs. Each network offers a slightly different deal for different prices so, it can be worthwhile to shop around for the deal that suits you best. Pay as you go Alternatively, you can purchase your BlackBerry handset and get a pay as you go contract, meaning you pay per use. However, this means that you will have to pay from £150 upwards for the handset and this can be costly in comparison to the contract option.
Mobile e-mail By getting your handset through a reputable shop, you also get mobile e-mail, that the network will set up for you making it easy, as well as support should anything go wrong.


By checking online, you are able to easily compare and contrast the available BlackBerry models and find the one best suited to you. Websites Try O2, at or Orange UK at to start searching for your new BlackBerry today. Alternatively, other websites such as are good sources, but check where the phone will be delivered from as some people often use these platforms as a way to sell their products but, they could be stolen or faulty.


If you text a lot but don't use voice calls much, then simply tell the sales assistant this when you are in store and they will be able to put together a package that is cheaper as a result. If you take out a contract, your BlackBerry handset will be free and you can choose between a 12 month, 18th month or two year contract, with monthly prices varying depending on how long your contract is:the longer the contract, the cheaper your monthly fee.


Different models The 8100 BlackBerry is a popular choice, but there are newer models on the market if you want something a bit more long lasting and modern, such as the 9780 blackberry. BlackBerry deals are available online for all of the network providers and a cheaper alternative can often be found when looking online instead of in the store, but also comes with all the benefits of purchasing in store. BlackBerry phones are usually separated into Curve, Bold or Storm types but these types also vary so it is worth checking the model.

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