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Where can I get divorce help in the UK?

This article looks at some of the considerations you should think about before seeking divorce help and also looks at some of the most common sources of help.

Some things to think about before you seek advice

Divorce is a difficult process and going through it on your own can make things even worse. Knowing the things you should be thinking about is useful when you seek advice because the advice you receive can be tailored to your needs and your circumstances. Property
Before you seek advice, it is useful for you to make a list of all the important property which you think may come under contention in the divorce. It is unlikely that any claim would succeed against your clothes, but what about the car you jointly bought or the house you lived in? These property pieces are significant because aside from having value, they are also difficult to replace and so can cause lots of aggravation. Try to get a list of what the property is, who paid for it, how much it cost, and when it was bought. Do not forget smaller items too like jewelry and antiques which could be worth a lot of money. People's needs after the divorce
Life after divorce is evidently very different from married life and a court will try to take into consideration the needs of the parties when they allocate property. Generally, a judge or arbitrator will be trying to make both parties enjoy the same standard of life afterwards as they did during the marriage. So, get lists of how you lived, what standards you think you enjoyed, how much disposable income you had, what holidays you took etc.

Where to find divorce advice?

Divorce groups
Perhaps the best source of advice for emotional matters would be a divorce support group. Everyone there has either gone through a divorce or is going through one. So, it would be good to get to know people going through the same thing. Divorce advice from friendly chats can be the most useful and makes divorce and separation so much easier. Legal divorce advice
Divorce lawyers can help you with all matters from deciding how to settle a divorce, to failing settlements and going to court. Divorce laws and separation laws are not the easiest of things to understand. Thus, it is worth finding out more from a lawyer. Divorce support guides
Get a divorce guide from your local advice centre, family centre or law office and get to grips with your divorce rights. This will give you a lot of confidence when it comes to the proceedings. Internet
There are many online divorces forums and guides. Ii is worth checking them out during your divorce.

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