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Where can I get new Hollywood video releases online?

Hollywood is the fabled city of dreams; mythical home of the entertainment industry, or at least the film industry, of which it produces numerous products every year. In this article, I will detail how one can get hold of new Hollywood video releases online.

Ordering and watching films online

Ordering films Probably the most obvious starting place is sites where one can purchase Hollywood films online (to own). A popular site this is done through is online selling giant Amazon. Here, people or online stores can sell their stuff, but the site is very trustworthy and reliable, which is not always the case with online sellers. Quotes on Amazon's reliability Indeed, on UK TV show Peep Show, one of the main characters, after ordering a later badly-chosen present, states: “just have to hope it doesn’t get there... but it’s Amazon and they’re darn ****ing reliable”! Ebay is another popular site, especially for rarer films, but new DVD movies can be bought on any number of sites. Recent films online There are countless sites which offer the viewer the chance to download or stream the latest releases (new cinema releases too). However, such sites often operate on the edge of or beyond the law, especially if the viewer does not pay for the site/service, but even if they do. Risks While it is very unlikely this can be traced back to the viewer, it does mean that on unlicensed movie sites, especially if not paying, viewers are more suspect to poor quality, annoying ads from which the sites make money and the risk of links or even whole sites suddenly going down due to copyright issues.

Rental services

Prior to watching To allay these fears, one can opt to pay for a licensed online movie rental service, such as market leader Lovefilm or the popular services offered by Amazon or Blockbuster. These, and typically others too, involve paying the site a set amount a month depending on the desired number of monthly rents, managing wanted films online and then receiving films in DVD form through the post. After watching When they are watched, the viewer then sends them home in a self-addressed envelope. There are no late fees, because the viewer is only delaying the postage of the next release in their pre-set monthly quota of films. These sites, like many others, will also include useful movie information. Other useful ones include Wikipedia and IMDb.

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