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Where does Deer Park water come from?

After the Civil War, people discovered the restorative properties of spring water. B&O Railroad bottled water from the “Boiling Spring,” a natural spring that bubbled through the sand creating the appearance of boiling water. Deer Park Spring Water, Inc. dates back to 1966 when Boiling Spring Holding Company purchased Boiling Spring from B&O railroad.

Springs near the Appalachian mountains

Description Today, Deer Park is produced by Nestle Waters North America. Under Nestle's management, Deer Park water bottles contain water from a number of natural springs throughout the eastern United States. Springs The majority of Deer Park water comes from springs near the Appalachian Mountains. Due to rising popularity of Deer Park and Nestle Pure Life brands, the company increased the number of springs from which they bottle water. Fountains in Pennsylvania and Maryland provide the majority of the water for consumers. Spring locations in Pennsylvania Some of Deer Park's Pennsylvania springs are found in LeHigh Valley along the Blue Mountain. Spring water is taken from water sources in Bangor, New Tripoli , South Coventry and Stroudsburg. Schuylkill County houses the Schuylkill River that starts in the Appalachian Mountains. Spring water in this county comes from Hegins and Pine Grove. Nearer the Poconos, Monroe County water sources used by Nestle sit in the town of Stroudsburg. Finally, springs in South Coventry are in Chester County, part of the Delaware Valley. Spring location in Maryland Oakland, Maryland is the sole spring in this state. Oakland is in Garrett County, a county named for the president of B&O Railroad. The area borders the Allegheny Mountains.

Other locations where Deer Park Water is bottled

Spring locations in Florida There are a number of Florida fountain sources listed on These natural springs include the Spring of Life in Lake County. Crystal Springs, White Springs, Blue Springs and Glenwood Spring. Each of these springs serves as a natural water fountain source for Nestle's variety of bottled water. Springs in Maine and Tennessee St. Albans, Maine, and Hohenwald, Tennessee, also have springs from which Deer Park collects water for their bottled natural spring water. St. Albans is a town in Somerset County where a number of mountain ranges continue the Appalachian trail. Located in Lewis County, Hohenwald is home to the Little Swan Creek and Natchez Trace section of the Appalachian trail.

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