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Where to buy Barbie doll accessories

Barbie may not be as popular as she used to be, but her accessories are still very much available. Whether it concerns brand new barbie toys or retro ones, this article will outline the best places for you to shop for the accessories which you desire.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us still offers a very large variety of Barbie and Barbie accessory section, both in their stores and on their websites. The accessories are up-to-date toys and are all very reasonably-priced. Items such as clothes, vacation houses and even Barbie & Ken are available for purchase now. Toys R Us delivers directly to your door from their online store, and Barbie toys can also be picked up from their hundreds of stores nationwide.


Ebay is not such a great place for brand new and up-to-date items. However, it is great for retro accessories In the world of Barbie. This is great because Barbie's best days were in the past and eBay still offers accessories from the past. Furthermore, eBay can be extremely cheap when it comes to buying items, because it is a bidding website. Items put up by sellers and buyers are bid in the website. As a result, if many people do not bid against you for your chosen item, you could end up with a bargain. Most accessories for sale, particularly, the more expensive ones, offer a 'buy now' price, which will allow you to buy your products directly from the seller without having to bid against anyone.


When it comes to Barbie doll accessories, Amazon is not as effective as Toys R Us when it comes up to date toys and not as good as Ebay when it comes to retro toys. However, it can be good for grabbing a bargain. Amazon does sell a good number of brand new Barbie accessories. However, the real bargains come from the 'used' section which can be found under most products. These products are second-hand and are sold by individual sellers, separate from Amazon and, unlike Ebay, is not a bidding site. For this reason, Amazon can be a very good place to buy Barbie dolls and Barbie accessories from.

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