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Where to buy Barclays travel insurance

Barclays travel insurance has become very popular over the years and it is something that you can buy and have a peace of mind before you travel. The good thing about Barclays travel insurance is the fact that you can buy it from anywhere as long as you meet their requirements. This article will thus explain where you can buy it.

Where to buy

Although it is important to shop around first before buying any insurance product, you will find that with Barclays, you do not have to shop around. However, you simply need to compare the products that they have.
The website
The best place to buy Barclays insurance is to visit their website. This is where you will get all the information. They have got quite a number of travel insurance products to choose from. Multi-trip travel coverage This is one of their travel insurance product. With this travel policy, you can select the amount of cover you like, and the location you want to visit anywhere in the world. All your trips will be covered for the whole year (up to 60 days per trip) and you also have an option to pay additional premium for extras. You also get all year round protection for medical emergencies, personal liability insurance and accidents as well as lost baggage cover.
Single trip travel insurance
This policy has got three different plans, and you can choose the one that best serve your needs and requirements. It is especially for the people, who do not travel a lot and travel once in a while. Again, your policy will pay for medical emergencies, personal accidents, injuries and liabilities to third parties.

Extended trip travel cover

Duration of the cover This is the best insurance product for you if you are travelling for more than two moths and the cover is up 365 days. You will still qualify for full benefits and there is up to 24 days for your winter sports insurance. Medical and emergency expenses are covered up to a limit of around five million pounds. Online quote and discount premiums
With all these products, you can get an online quote any time from anywhere.
If you buy your travel insurance cover from Barclays, you will get a 10% discount in premiums. The process will only take you a few minutes.
Credit car insurance If you encounter any problems whilst you are overseas, Barclays travel insurance has got a worldwide credit card assistance program, that offers a 24/7 support.

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