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Where to buy Beth Moore bible studies books?

This article looks at what the Beth Moore bible studies book range is, and gives information about the best places to buy them, both online and at walk-in stores.

What are BM bible study books?

Who is Beth Moore? Beth Moore is described as: "a woman of purpose, preparation, prayer and passion." It’s apparent in everything she does, from teaching Sunday School at her home church to sharing her biblical insights, and observations in her books,
workbooks and videos. Beth Moore is a well-respected and popular woman, who is heavily involved in church activities. Her expertise is recognised all over the world, and she has many people following the work that she does, and reading the books and study packs that she creates. What is the bible study books range? Beth Moore created a study range, which gives friendly, practical and useful insights, into living a Christian life and believing in God. The study packs come in a range of formats from DVDs, and audio CDs to hard-back books and work-books. The Beth Moore blog is a useful resource for finding out more specific information. You can also check some of the places listed below, to find out more detailed information about the products themselves.

Where to get them?

Online book, DVD and media related retailers The books, DVDs, CDs and study packs (at a variety of levels from leader to participant) are available through most online book, DVD and media-related retailers.
Price comparison search The best way to find out which one is best for you (including information about shipping prices to your delivery location), is to conduct a price comparison search from a price comparison website. This usually will give detailed information about all of the different shipping prices and combinations. Lifeway Christian Stores are good places to look for these books. Sunday schools and churches Another place to check if you are on a budget is Sunday schools and churches, that may be looking to replace their stock, and get new books. The content holds the same principles throughout, so you should not be missing out by having second-hand copies. You need to make enquiries at your local churches, and attend church sales. If you are buying for the family, then this might be the best way to do it. However, if you are buying for your church or study group, then it would be better to buy the books in bulk and enjoy discounts.

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