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Where to buy Electrolux parts online

Do you own an Electrolux appliance? Are you wondering where you can buy parts for your appliance online? In that case, you don’t have to spend your time searching, visiting retailers and browsing through hundreds of magazines and websites. Read the following article and find out all the interesting facts that you need to know about buying Electrolux parts online.

Where to search for Electrolux parts

If you are interested in purchasing Electrolux spare-parts, including dryer spares, freezer parts, Electrolux filters, accessories for Electrolux cleaners, Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags, Electrolux tumble dryer belts, spare-parts, washer dryer parts, Electrolux parts for your washing machine, electric oven parts, fridge freezer parts and so on, you have two options. Options You can either purchase the Electrolux parts that you need online from the Electrolux online shop or visit an Electrolux authorised retail store. In case that you need more information on the Electrolux online shop or on the available Electrolux parts in the UK, you can contact Electrolux and ask an Electrolux customer care agent or an Electrolux sales agent.

How to purchase Electrolux parts online

If you want to buy parts for your Electrolux appliance online, you should visit the Electrolux official online store. You can start by visiting the Electrolux UK official website at, click under the ‘Shop’ section and select ‘Shop now’. You will be automatically redirected to the Electrolux UK online shop, where you can sign in, using your personal username and password, and start shopping.

How to register on the Electrolux online store

Yet, in case that you are not a registered Electrolux user, you need to follow the website’s registration process. Electrolux’s registration process is quick and easy, even if you are not an expert in computing and technology. Just enter your e-mail address, any personal information required and your payment details. After successfully registering and activating your account, you can log in, click under the ‘Spare-parts’ and select the Electrolux parts that you are interested in. As soon as you have finished shopping, return to your personal account and order the Electrolux product that you have chosen.

How to contact Electrolux

If you have any additional queries regarding the Electrolux online services, do not hesitate to contact an Electrolux agent. In order to contact Electrolux, you should visit the Electrolux UK official website and click under the ‘Contact Us’ section. You can contact an Electrolux customer care or sales agent by phone, post or e-mail, using the phone number, postal address or e-mail address that is provided.

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