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Where to buy Ford commercial vehicles in UK

Ford is recognised as one of the UK and Europe's leading commercial vehicle suppliers. Ford's ranges of commercial vans come in a range of sizes and specifications, meaning that your company can find the perfect van to suit their requirements. New and used Ford commercial vans can be purchased, either online or in person at Ford and other car dealerships.

Official vendors

Official website Ford's official website has a specially designated section, where consumers can browse their wide range of commercial vehicles. You can visit to search for the different specifications of vehicle available. You must click the links on the left hand side of the screen, to view the various named ranges of vans that Ford sells. You can also click on the tabs, across the centre of the page to view different types of vehicles, such as "people movers" or "pick-ups". Dealerships There are a couple of hundred Ford commercial vehicle dealerships across the UK. You can visit and enter your postcode on the first line of your address to find your nearest Ford Transit dealership. Clicking through to the results page will show the dealership's contact details and address. Thus, you can use these details to contact the dealership, and ask them what vehicles they have in stock and ascertain what finance deals they have on offer.

Other sources

Internet dealers Many websites have Ford commercial vehicles in stock with finance options available. Consumers should perform an Internet search engine search for "Ford commercial vehicles". They can even enter the specific name of the model they want to search for. You can even browse the range of vans that your search turns up, including both first and second-hand vehicles.

Second-hand vans

Things to consider Consumers purchasing a second-hand Ford commercial vehicle should consider a few factors, before committing to a purchase. Firstly, consumers should ensure that they visit their van in person, before making any promises or commitments. When inspecting the vehicle, consumers should look at the condition of the vehicle's bodywork, and the mileage that the van has accrued. Furthermore, buyers should compare the number of miles on the van's clock to the van's overall condition. They should also make sure that the mileage displayed on the dashboard is an accurate and true reflection of the number of miles that the van has done.

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