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Where to buy Honda performance parts

Honda has been making cars since 1963 and bikes for over 60 years. Their products are highly engineered and even the smallest models are potent for their size. If you find them still lacking the grunt to inspire you, where do you turn to for tuning and performance parts?

Tuning Honda cars

The first thing, which has to be stressed on is that if you modify your car or bike with non-factory parts, you will render the warranty void (if the vehicle still qualifies). That said, lets examine the car tuning market.
Hond-R In the UK, the biggest players in performance parts for your Honda are Hond-R ( Their list of upgrades covers pretty much every part of your pride and joy. These include big brake kits and parts, inlet manifolds, a large range of cams, uprated suspension and even some used parts on occasion. They really are a one-stop shop for your modified Honda, covering most models on a mail order basis or fitted-on site. Tokyo Express The next place that you should target is Tokyo Express. This small concern is rapidly gaining a big reputation. With a business model that covers performance parts for all the Japanese manufacturers, they will source anything for your car at distinctly non-Honda prices.

Performance bike parts

The range of after-market parts for bikes is huge. There are dozens or specialists out there ready and able to help you extract ridiculous levels of power from your rice rocket. If it's Honda CBR or CB parts you want, then head to
They can help with everything from fork springs and steering dampers to end cans and rear sets. They also do a nice line in EBC brake pads, sintered and Pro-Race. is a site packed with standard and performance parts with harder to find items like racing chains available. An interesting offering if you want more bhp and better throttle response is their range of Power Commander in-line ecu mod boxes. These are available for just about every Honda from the XL and VTR to the CBR. MSR Lastly, a mention must go to MSR (Moore Speed Racing). This comprehensive site offers all the big names including Ohlins shock absorbers, Brock's performance exhausts and Taylor leads. Based in Poole in Dorset, this company of enthusiasts can service and dyno-tune your ride to gain the maximum from the parts you buy.

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