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Where to buy Lamborghini doors

Lamborghini, which is basically an Italian automaker, is one of the most dreamy luxury cars. V10-powered Gallardo as coupe and roadster are the models of the year 2010 and its descendant is Lamborghini Aventador released in February of 2011. Sumptuously looking with mind blowing features, Lamborghini has a special craze for it. It also has a fantastic collection of door models

Lamborghini door models

Lamborghini doors or Lambo doors are of a huge variety. It’s one of the best features of Lamborghini. Suicide doors, scissor cars, vertical doors, butterfly doors, gull-wing doors are a few to name. In addition, there are also Lambo door kits, door conversion kits, vertical door kits, Lamborghini door conversions and many more. The types of doors To begin with, Lambo vertical doors or style doors are similar to the normal doors and then lift over the roof height looking like a butterfly. Suicide doors are different as they open behind you, whereas in convention, doors open in between you and the traffic. This would make the suicide door holders difficult when they use others car, as they always reach out the wrong side for opening the door. They cost as from $2000. Gull-wing doors have their hinge in the top of the door and they swing out directly upward and look similar to a bird. They are very stylish and impressive. However, it becomes so inconvenient in a highly traffic filled area to open a door , if another car is parked too close. Scissor doors open a little outward and then upward. Prices generally range from $1500 to $3000.

Lamborghini doors

Kits and places to buy
There are a number of door kits that allow the door to go vertical or completely above the roof, and also set the degree of rising upwards. They are a complete package. For example, Turborevs suicide door kit provides hinge for its style, includes all necessary hardware and installation kit with user guide. These kits typically use only the factory doors. It was even featured in the issue 107 of Redline Magazine. The kit price is £199. Universal Lambo door kits suit all the models and allow the car doors to move up 90 degrees. The attractive features are the remote control, 90 degrees rising, sealed and lubricated activators, chrome coating and hood release. With the help of Lambo modified car parts, one can maximise the performance and tune up the car. Individually, the most visited exhaust systems and apparel can be selected. One can buy Lambo doors online and also in retail shops. *All prices are correct on 27.07.2011

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