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Where to buy Lord of the Rings collectables

The Lord of the Rings franchise is massive and so is collecting Lord of the Rings' memorbillia. There are a large number of places where you can acquire Lord of the Rings collectables from and this article details just a few of them.


Ebay is a fantastic place for buying collectables for anything and Lord of The Rings is no different. Ebay is an auctioning website in which customers place bids for their desired items and the customers who has bid the most amount of money for their desired product will win the item. Sellers also sometimes offer items up for, 'Buy it now' prices which means that you can buy your desired item without having to bid against other people. Ebay offers all sorts of items from model figures to DVDs and if you choose to bid on an item, you could end up grabbing yourself a bargain.


Amazon is not so great for buying collectable figurines or toys, such as movie swords for example, but it is very good for buying the collectable DVDs or videos. Amazon offers DVDs and videos brand new and also second-hand from independent sellers who seel their items at fixed prices. The second-hand items will always be of at least satisfactory quality and it definitely worth a look.

Tolkien Town, named after the author of, 'The Lord of the Rings' J.R.R. Tolkein, is a website that specialises in selling Lord of the Rings collectables. Their catalogue is huge and feature everything you could think of from Lord of the rings rings through to katana swords and even Lord of the Rings tatoos. The site requires you to sign up to it in order to purchase anything and the website will deliver their products directly to your door. The prices are fairly reasonable but the price of an item will depend on exactly what it is.

Lotrfanshop (Lord of the rings fan shop) is another website that dedicates itself to Lord of the Rings' merchandise. Again, this website is very extensive and you can literally find anything that you could possibly want in relation to the Lord of the Rings' franchise and the website delivers the items directly to you, again, at fairly reasonable prices.

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