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Where to buy Sanyo televisions

Sanyo is one of the leading manufacturers of televisions and other electronic products and home appliances. Their televisions include energy-conserving HDTVs with LED features, plasma televisions and LCD televisions with Internet connectivity features. Find out where to buy the various advanced technology models of Sanyo televisions to enhance your entertainment experience. This article provides information on where to buy Sanyo televisions.

Sanyo products

Sanyo is known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of televisions, appliances, HVAC and other electronic equipments. It is also a producer of many commercial products such as batteries, solar equipment and other industrial equipment. Its technological advancement includes environmental solutions for a low carbon economy such as renewable energy development, which plays a vital role in the global climate strategy. Sanyo televisions Sanyo’s LED LCD
These televisions are the latest technology for the digital age, featuring Internet ready connectivity and LED edge lighting. These have a full array of HDMI®, HD Component Audio/Video, Composite Audio/Video, and RF inputs, so you have plenty of options for DVD, VCR, Cable, Satellite and external antenna hook-ups. Sanyo LCD These televisions feature integrated ATSC Digital and NTSC Analog Tuner, and the digital tuner is Digital Clear QAM, capable of receiving unscrambled digital cable. Sanyo HDTV Plasma These televisions have high gloss black finish which blends into the background when the lights are dimmed for you to enjoy your movies, sports and favourite programs in your den or living room.

Where to buy them

Online retailers
Sanyo’s online retailers include, where you can buy Sanyo TVs, Sanyo TV remotes and other Sanyo electronics at affordable prices. The store also sells other brands of televisions, appliances and household items. Other online retailers include where you can find and compare prices for Sanyo LCDs, Sanyo projectors and more. One can also find previous or older models of Sanyo TVs in online shops at lower prices. The Sanyo website features an online store for various Sanyo products, including technical support services and resources for downloading users manuals and more. The site also has a list of Best Buy store locations in the USA and other authorised dealers. To find an authorised Sanyo Service Centre for the different Sanyo products, you can register on the site and locate a centre according to your zip code, city or state. Sanyo UK For interested buyers in UK, you can use the website where specialist distributors of a full range of Sanyo consumer products are listed, such as Harris and Russell ( For more information, you can also email to find the nearest dealer or retailer.

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