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Where to buy Topps football cards

Topps Match Attax is a collectible card game which is based on the Barclay’s Premier League. It’s the biggest selling game of its type in the UK with estimated sales of £32M and is regularly advertised in The Sun newspaper and on television. This article shows where to buy Topps football cards.

The game

Match Attax is a simple game. It is similar to top trumps as it rates each footballer’s abilities. Each player selects 14 cards, making an eleven aside team and three substitutes. Then eleven cards are laid face down in a recognised football formation like 4-4-2. After a coin toss has decided who goes first, the game begins with one player pointing to one of his footballers and announcing whether he will defend or attack. The second player, then chooses a player from his team. As the game is always played attack versus defence, the second player can’t choose a tactic. At this stage, the cards are turned over and the player ratings are used to determine the result. The comparison is always between one footballer’s defensive rating and the other’s attacking rating.


The cards are sold in packs of six and are available from newsagents, supermarkets and the internet. A tin and binder can also be bought to house the collection. Limited editions are often produced and can be found in selected retailers or given away with magazines. Match Attax England Special collections picturing England’s footballers are often sold, when a major tournament like the FIFA World Cup or UEFA European Championship is approaching. Like the Premier League packs, they are sold as a pack of six cards, although Tesco sold packs of seven cards during the 2010 World Cup in an exclusive deal with the manufacturer.


Players can buy Match Attax cards through the manufacturer’s website at The website also sells cards from previous seasons and doesn’t charge postage and packing.

Swap and Play Tour

The official Topps Swap and Play Tour allows players to meet other Match Attax players and compete with them in tournaments. Players who register for an event receive an exclusive limited edition card which is collected at the venue. The tour covers places like Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and London. Moreover, each event is held at football grounds like Villa Park and The Emirates.

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