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Where to buy a Stab vest in UK

Finding a quality stab vest to purchase in the UK can be a sketchy proposition. Knowing where to go will eliminate any concern and help you obtain a quality security vest.

What is a Stab vest?

Stab vests are similar to bulletproof vests except they are design to protect against knife attacks.
They are standard security clothing and not rated as Kevlar vest in that they will not protect the wearer against a firearm assault.
As security clothing, they fit the bill for knife assaults or attacks by other sharp objects.
Who are they for?
Primarily designed as security clothing or as police equipment used as standard issue for their protection.
These types of vests are commonplace in the commercial practices but have also been used by the military and private industry.
Are they safe?
If you purchase an authentic vest, yes for their intended purpose.
There are many knockoffs on the market and cheaply manufactured non-professional grade vest being sold on the open market and through the internet.
This is why knowing what you are looking for or buying from a professional store front is so important.

Where to purchase

Stab vest manufacturer
Your best purchasing option is direct from the manufacturer.
Some manufacturers to review for your needs are: Cordura, Compass Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd and Guangzhou Yakeda Outdoor Travel Products Co., Ltd.
These are the most popular Stab Vest manufacturers on the market. Local outlets
You can search the internet or your local phone book for police supply stores or security outfits that may carry stab vests or will be willing to order for you.
These locations will allow you to come in and try on the product for weight, fit and comfort.
These are all important aspects you should attempt to try before you purchase.
Avoid purchasing stab vests or any police gear or security gear from online auction houses or second hand stores.
Also beware of army surplus stores as their product may not be up to security or industry standards.
It is vital that you purchase a quality and authentic vest for your own protection. Skimming on price through any of these outlets can be life threatening.

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