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Where to buy a car air purifier

Car air purifiers are useful devices to help filter the air in your car. Even the best air filters are available cheaply, and are ideal for motorists who wish to cleanse the air inside their vehicle and make it a more pleasant environment for passengers and themselves alike. Purifiers for cars can be purchased through two main channels: high street stores and using the Internet. Before you buy any product, make sure you read a few consumer reviews to make sure it is a decent and useful product.

High street

Car accessories shops
There are plenty of stores dedicated to selling add-on features which complement cars.
Both essential items, such as wiper blades and headlights, are sold in these shops as well as
non-essential items such as decorative tax disc holders and in-car air purifiers. Ask a member of the staff in a car accessories shop, such as Halfords, mechanics or car dealerships, if they can recommend a particular air purifier. General stores
Major high street department stores such as Argos, Tesco and Boots also sell car air purifiers, so it is worth having a look in each of these shops if possible. Although the price offered might be slightly higher than online, bear in mind if you buy in person, you can walk away and install your purifier the same day without paying an excess charge for postage and packaging.


Specialist car accessory websites
Perform an Internet search for "car air purifiers" and search through the resulting pages.
Search through the different air purifiers on these websites and read several reviews before you commit to making a purchase. Furthermore, you should look at the cost of postage and packaging as well as the anticipated length of time for delivery before deciding whether you are willing to pay the excess and wait for your purifier. General and department shops
Many general and department shop websites will also sell car air purifiers. As these stores do not rely on trade for their car accessories, there is a strong chance that you will find an in-car air purifier for a lower price than at a specialist store. Visit websites such as, or to search through the different products on offer. When ordering from merchants on Amazon or eBay, be sure to read their profile pages to be certain that their items are authentic and that they are trustworthy sellers.

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