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Where to buy a cheap Gray-Nicolls' cricket bat

Gray-Nicolls is one of the UK's premier cricket equipment providers. Gray-Nicolls' cricket bats are known as one of the world's leading products, used by world class players including England Test captain Andrew Strauss, One Day captain Alistair Cook and West Indies legend Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Gray-Nicolls bats, known by their distinctive red sticker logo, can be found at most sports shops.

Sports shops

High Street Buy your Gray-Nicolls bat on the High Street at either independent or major sports shops.
The main advantage of buying a bat in person is that you can hold one and play some shadow shots in the sports shop, so you can get a great impression of a bat before you pay in excess of £100 for your item. To get the best possible idea of how a Gray-Nicolls bat plays and feels, bring down your cricket gloves so that you can hold the bat as you would when in the nets or playing matches. Specialist cricket shops Although uncommon, there are some specialist cricket equipment shops in the UK. Here, you will find Gray-Nicolls products, including bats.
Perform a telephone directory or online search to find your nearest cricket shop that stocks Gray-Nicolls bats. You should consider phoning in advance to make sure that you do not waste a trip.


Pick up a catalogue Visit your local cricket club, sports shop or Gray-Nicolls' website to order a catalogue to be delivered to your residence.
Catalogues often contain more comprehensive information than that which is available online, allowing you to make a more rounded judgement about the Gray-Nicolls bat that you are thinking about investing in.
Think about the additional time and delivery that it takes for your bat to be delivered when ordering from Gray-Nicolls' catalogue, as this may cancel out any saving you make on the bat itself.

Online Visit the official Gray-Nicolls' website to see the full range of bats that they are currently producing. Click on "bats" and then the link that most suits your requirements between "senior", "junior" and "kashmir" products. Read the specification and pricing for each of the bats offered before noting down the price, which you can use to compare to other online stores. Sports shops Visit the online presence of major, nationwide sports shops as well as specialist cricket bat suppliers.
Compare the price of the Gray-Nicolls bats that you found on the High Street, in a catalogue and at the official website before making your commitment and setting about scoring some runs.

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