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Where to buy a clear shower curtain

Using shower curtains brings some much needed life and colour to an otherwise cold and plain bathroom. Whether luxury curtains are used or fun shower curtains, the net effect is that it makes people want to spend more time taking showers and turns a chore into an enjoyable daily activity. The problem, of course, is that most people have no idea of what kind of curtain to buy, and from where it.


Croydex is a reputed company with a long history as a supplier of household items. Their shower curtain can be classified under either vinyl or textile (luxury fabric) curtains. Each category has lots of selections, including patterned and clear PVC curtains. They can even provide made to measure curtains. Croydex also offers high performance fabric curtains under a 'Professional' series with extra heavy weighted hems. These curtains are made of Pro-seal coated fabric to make them waterproof and easy to machine wash.


Wenko is just as famous a name which has over 50 years of history as a reputed provider of household, kitchen and bathroom products. They offer over
90 different PEVA and textile shower curtains. Customers can choose from curtains that show oceans, lovely beaches and dolphins cavorting.


Showerail offers another 91+ curtains in a wide range of material, sizes and patterns. They have white curtains, black curtains and poppy red shower curtains. Customers can choose animal and cartoon prints, or fish and floral curtains. They have extra long and extra wide curtains, and they offer both vinyl and fabric curtains. They ship all over the UK and to EU member states, and also to US, Canada Australia & NZ. For those unsure about what to buy, they have a quick buy option that limits the choices to three curtains out of all the ones available on the site.


On the other hand, for those who need a lot more choice, Amazon offers a chance to do comparison shopping for shower curtains. Just go to the Amazon UK site and click on the Homeware & Furnishings category. Drill down from 'Bathroom' to 'Showers' to 'Shower Curtains'. The list will include curtains from all the major brands, including the aforementioned Croydex and Wenko, along with Papillon, Textiles Direct and other brand-name manufacturers. Customers can choose a PVC shower curtain from Croydex or a Camden water repellent polyester one.

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Where to buy a furniture cover

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