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Where to buy a king size duvet

Duvets have been in use for long in Germany and in the Netherlands many years before it made its way to England. Paul Rycaut, an English traveler in 1700, was impressed by the duvet, and tried to pass his enthusiasm to his friends. However, it did not become popular in his home country until the 1800s. King size duvets make any bed warm, no matter the cold of winter. Here's a guide to buying one today.

Big-box stores

Large stores that carry clothing, bedding, hardware and much else can be a source of king size duvets. The duvets may be available as is, or as part of a set of king size bedding. The colours of the duvets will vary, ranging from subdude white to more. Costco carries goose down duvets in king size as well as double duvets and other sizes. If you wish to buy a down mattress topper, big box stores have this as well.

Bedding stores

Stores which specialised in bedding and bath accessories will probably have king size duvets. These duvets will range in price and quality and may be made by many different countries. The duvets can come by themselves or with other elements as well. Duck down pillows will probably come separately. Some of the kings size duvets may also come with duvet covers, these may also be available separately as well. These feather and down duvets will be available in more variety than at big box stores.

Custom duvet cover

Once you have a king size duvet cover, you can individualise it by making a duvet cover for yourself. The duvet cover can be made from two king sized sheets. The sheets don't necessarily have to match and can be any colour you choose. Sew the sheets together at the sides and at the bottom, leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance, and leave the top of the cover open. Turn the cover right side our and insert the duvet inside. To close the duvet cover, you can use Velcro, buttons or ties. To secure the duvet inside the cover so that it doesn't move around, you can sew lengths of hem tape inside the corners of the cover and loops on the corners of the duvet itself. While the duvet cover is right side in, thread the hem tape through the loops and tie them. Then turn the cover, with the duvet inside, right side out.

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