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Where to buy a portable massage bed

While it used to be that to obtain a massage you had to go to a spa, massages that occur at home are increasing. Due to a re-evaluation of massage as a therapy for many symptoms and more portable equipment becoming available, individuals began to request services in their homes. Massage therapists began providing this service as they learnt that it was more profitable than being paid on commission or by the hour.

The benefits of massage

At one time, massage was a luxury only the wealthy engaged in. Paying what was often considered a generous amount for the service seemed indulgent to many. However, recently massage has been re-examined as a form of therapy. According to Mayo Clinic, the benefits of massage include: - Stress relief
- Managing anxiety and depression
- Pain
- Stiffness
- Blood pressure control
- Infant growth
- Sports-related injuries
- Boosting immunity
- Cancer treatment This new knowledge caused massage to be reassessed as a legitimate therapy for symptoms everyone has at one time or another and appointments for massage increased.

Home massage

Many new customers didn't like the necessity of going elsewhere and having to get up when their massage was finished to go home. Requests for home service became frequent and massage therapists realised they could increase income if they were willing to go to a customer’s home. One necessity for a home based business is a portable massage table.

Where to buy portable massage tables

Natural Living Therapy Equipment ( claims to have the largest variety of therapeutic massage equipment and supplies and to be the number one online health practitioners store. They have a wide variety of portable massage tables to choose from, that come with different features as well as room dividers
(shoji screens) which screens the room for privacy, couch tables and inversion tables. Other sites to check with perhaps a more limited selection of portable massage beds, but may have other products available to use when engaging in different kinds of message such as hot stone message, and which may still provide for your specific needs include: - Massage Royal ( - Message Tables UK ( - Best Massage ( - Massage Warehouse (

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All about: Hugger Mugger yoga products

All about: Hugger Mugger yoga products

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Where to book spa weekend breaks

Where to book spa weekend breaks

An acronym of the Latin words "salus per aquam", the original meaning of the word spa was "health from water". Ancient Romans regularly utilised spas and they early recognised their rejuvenative benefits. Today, spas are often a luxurious way to relax and many people would like to find good spa deals. Those would like to know where to book spa weekend breaks will benefit from the tips in this article.
How to calm down

How to calm down

In the stressful world in which people live, it is important to know how to reduce stress levels and to calm down. When a person gets angry, it can be very hard to find ways to quickly calm down and stop them from feeling overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are many simple steps to having a calm mind and to keep calm when under pressure.