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Where to buy a radiator cabinet

Radiators are essential to heat the home but unfortunately, they are not the most attractive pieces of kit we have in our home.Increasing numbers of people are turning to heating covers and decorative radiator covers to make their home radiator a bit of a feature in the home.

Measure your radiators

The first step is to measure your radiators, although many are a standard size, for an extra large radiator cover, you may need to arrange to have a made to measure cover.

Make it match

Home radiator covers can become a design feature in the room where they are placed. Many of the most attractive are listed under wooden radiator covers, and some are made to look like bookcase cabinets. A white radiator cover is a great option which will fit in with the decor of any room.

Price it up

Obviously, the cost of buying made to measure furniture can be a problem at times. For an affordable alternative, it is worth looking at MDF radiator covers and diy cabinets which are of the same size as your radiators. Cheap radiator covers often look just as good as more expensive radiator covers. Many of the more contemporary radiator covers are included in budget ranges.

Colour match

If you are unsure about buying outright in case the cover does not fit in with your current colour scheme, ask the company to send out a colour swatch to you. This may just be on paper or it might be a small piece of the actual material used to make the cover.

Spruce it up

Integrate your new radiator covers into your home furniture design by customising it to match up with your decor. Add stencils or use the top of the cover as a display place for ornaments and photographs to bring it into the room a bit more.

No radiator?

Now that you have been sold on radiator cover, you are wishing that you had a radiator in the home to cover up. Worry not, if you are refurbishing an old home or are in the process of adding a central heating system to your existing home, the most affordable option is to buy radiator online.

Fit it in

Most radiator covers are easy to assemble and fit into place and should not need the help of a professional. Fitting radiators, on the other hand, will need a plumber and a heating engineer.

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