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Where to buy alloy wheels for a Ford

In keeping with the trend towards lighter and more fuel-efficient models, Ford has been offering models with alloy wheels. These are wheels made from aluminium or magnesium alloys. These alloy or mag wheels save fuel by reducing the vehicle mass and dissipate heat faster so that the brakes work better. Those who need car alloys for vehicles like the Ford Focus or Mustang can get it from many different sources.

Ford accessories

Getting alloys straight from the source leaves no room for doubt about the quality or authenticity of the wheel for sale. Just visit FordAccessories ( On this site, Ford car owners can pick a model (eg: Focus 2004) and the part (wheels) and then the type of wheel, as in alloy or branded wheel, or choose wheel accessories. Customers can also find a dealer based on their location, or ask for more information.


Ebay has an entire section devoted to Ford Alloys under the
'Cars, Parts & Vehicles' category. The auction listings include everything from a Ford Focus alloy wheel to 14" Ford Fiesta alloy wheels. Ebay is a good place for getting alloys for muscle cars like the Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500. It's even easier to get wheel accessories on the cheap, from center cap hub covers to stickers and wheel cap decals.

Ford parts

It's even easier to buy alloys here at Ford Parts than it is on the official site. A full list of Ford cars on the left allows customers to zero in on their own make. A click on 'Focus' takes visitors to a detailed list of all the Focus models. Another click on one of the models - say the Ford Focus RS, lists all the parts available for it, from steering wheels to an 8x18 sport alloy wheel and centre cap. Add the chosen parts to a cart, check-out and wait for it to be shipped.

Alloy wheels is a mega-site for getting hold of alloys for just about any make or model from any and all vehicle manufacturers. It's very easy to use - just select the make, model and size and the site spits out a big list of available matching alloy wheels. A search for an 18" alloy wheel for the Ford Focus RS turned up 13 pages of results, including several Wolfrace, Calibre and Dezent wheels.

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The pros and cons of Gibson exhausts

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