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Where to buy an LG chocolate battery

When your phone begins to last for less time between each charge it can be really frustrating, and render your phone almost useless. This article is a guide on how to buy a new battey for an Lg Chocolate mobile. Click to find out more !

How do I know when my battery capacity is decreasing ?

All phone batteries will have a decrease in their overall capacity as they are used, this is accelerated if the phone is used a lot, the life expectancy can be increased by not leaving the phone on all the time and allowing it to fully run out occasionally, and then charging it, rather than just keep topping it up. There are many places where you can buy an Lg Chocolate battery, that will be discussed in the next section.

Where can I buy an Lg Chocolate battery ?

Amazon: A great place to buy items, Amazon has a large selection of suppliers to buy from, including itself. Amazon offers free postage on all its items. Make sure that the seller has a good review, if you buy from the marketplace. Play Play: A great company to buy electronical items from, highly recommended and well reviewed.
7dayshop 7dayshop:This is a great place to buy items from, however the batteries are not original and they are made by a second company, this should not be a problem, as long as you select the right battery. eBay eBay: eBay is an excellent place to buy from, where many bargains can be had on items including batteries.
However, make sure that you follow these rules. 1. Make sure the battery that you are buying is new, as buying a used battery may not be better than the one you have. 2. Make sure that the seller has a high positive feedback, this is key as it decreases the likelihood of having problems when buying the item 3. Try to find out whether the battery is original, as if it is not, it will not be worth as much. 4. If it is not original, make sure that it meets the exact specification of your current battery.


Take care when buying a new battery, as it is a key component in your phone! Happy buying.

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