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Where to buy an electric power shower

If you are looking at alternative ways to rationalise energy consumption, consider purchasing an electric power shower. It is safe and economical to use. Read why an electric power shower is a good choice and where you can buy one.

All about electric power showers

Features An electric shower unit consists of a shower head which is attached to a heating device. You do not need pumps for your shower but you need a high pressure of water for it to work. The heating device has an adjustable thermostat that controls the temperature and the shower valve can be regulated to include a strong jet spray, medium or soft one, depending on the pressure of water in your area. The benefits of using electric power shower
Right shower temperature You can adjust the hotness of your shower as you want. The thermostat has a knob that you can manipulate to choose the right temperature. Economical In contrast to traditional showers that use much hot water from heaters or boilers, electric power showers only heat water when you need it. This means that you can enjoy hot showers without worrying of running huge heating costs. In addition, if your boilers break down, you can still have a hot shower. Stainless finish These shower fittings are available in different styles and models that will fit all types of bathroom. The Mira Advance shower is an elegant but functional style of electrical shower. Takes up little space The heating unit will not occupy a large space on your bathroom wall. Electrical fittings have to be securely connected though. Easy to set up You only need a cold water line, an outlet for the heater, shower unit and a high water pressure to get you started. Special products made by Mira work in events when water pressure is not high enough to produce a shower. Safe to use It may feel strange that there is a device that works with electricity in the bathroom when you take your shower. However, these electric power showers are completely safe to use and approved by regulatory bodies such as the CE, BEAB, BEAB Care, BKM, and RNIB.

Places to shop

If you intend to buy shower units for your bathrooms, cheap showers fittings can be found in several DIY and home improvements stores. In addition, the stores below have showers for sale: -Triton Showers
- PlumbWorld
- QS Supplies
- Bella Bathrooms
- Argos
- Amazon UK
- Mira Showers
- Sunny Electricals
- Plumb Trader
- Creda Shower
- WD Showers
- Tubz UK

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