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Where to buy an oak bedside cabinet

Oak is a beautiful and sturdy wood. If you already own oak furniture, consider investing in a bedside cabinet made from this timber to complement your bedroom furnishings. In this article, read why oak wood is highly prized and where you can buy an oak bedside cabinet in the UK.

All about oak cabinets

Why oak? Oak is valued for its beauty and sturdiness. It is a hardwood that is commonly used in furniture including bedside tables, oak chest, closets, wine barrels, corks, buildings, and many other applications. This type of timber is a robust one and is not easily attacked by insects and diseases, making it one of the best kind of wood to craft furniture. With proper care, oak furniture can last for many years. Styles of bed tables This type of tables furniture is presented with a simple top where you can put a lamp and a few other things that you need near you. The bottom part may or may not have a shelf. Bedside chests Taller oak furniture is also used as a bedside drawer with one, two, or three drawers. Characteristics of oak bedside cabinet Dovetail joints Most oak chests furniture are made by using dovetail joints, a technique that is used to join the side pieces of a drawer or box to the front and back parts. This method uses interlocking pins and tails making drawers strong and resistant to pulling and tugging movements. An oak furniture with dovetail joints is sturdy and will not fall apart easily. Handles Handles made from solid iron, brushed nickel or wooden ones are attached for convenience. Dimensions A typical bedside table will measure up to 40 centimetres in depth and width with a height of 60 centimetres. Shelves Bedside tables may or may not have shelves. Models that include storage racks may have one or two layers. Finish Lacquer, veneer or bees wax may be used on oak furniture to enhance its looks and for protection. Oak furniture can also be plain or carved with special designs and motifs.

Stores that sell oak bedside cabinet

Furniture shops are the best places to find oak drawers or table with drawers for your bedroom. The price of an oak bedside table is a function of its size, finish and features. In the UK, the following shops and e-commerce stores sell cabinet drawers and bedroom chest furniture made from solid oak: -Furnishing Homes
-Right Price Furniture
-Amazon UK
-Indigo Furniture
-Bedside Cabinets UK
-Oak Furniture Land
-Hovells UK
-Oak Furniture Solutions
-Home Outlet Superstore
-Oak Furniture House
-Pine Solutions UK
-Ikea UK
-Habitat UK
-Furniture Nations
-Furniture Online Plus

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