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Where to buy cheap baby and toddler toys?

Surprisingly, there are lots of stores and distributors that sell cheap but high quality baby and toddler toys. Stores that are right in your own backyard or online wholesale stores are readily accessible and the toys are also reasonably priced.

Baby learning toys

The baby shop has a wide array of learning toys for babies and toddlers. From Vtech to Fisherprice and anywhere in between, you can indeed get it at Woolworth's. The prices are amazing as well. A Vtech Nurser Rhymes Caterpillar is being sold for a mere £16 while a 'My Pal Scout' plush puppy is being sold for £20 (prices were all seen on 17.05.11) . Variety
These toys are high quality toys for half the price in some stores.The variety of toys is astounding and baby and mother will get a huge kick out of the experience. Quality
Woolworths get a definite stamp of approval for years of invaluable service to the baby care industry and for providing an excellent shopping experience whether in-store or online. ELC Toys
Another exceptional baby site is ELC toys in the UK. There is great variety and reasonable prices. The online store is set up so that you can select your price range. This saves busy parents from the hassle of navigating through stuff that they cannot afford, while looking for that perfect gift.
Competitive price
ELC ranks second place for the best in cheap but good quality baby and toddler toys. There are baby cars as low as £5 (price seen on 17.05.11) and a wide array of educational toys that will suit any budget.

Baby websites

Babycentre is an essential online resource for the new mother but it does not sell toys. They do, however, offer invaluable parenting guides and helpful advice about everything from naming the baby to breastfeeding.
Ebeanstalk is another amazing baby site that sells reasonably priced toys and offer toddler gifts ideas. These include cars, trucks, dolls, educational games and even books, everything under $50. They even have online gift cards with amounts that start from $10 upwards for those parents and godparents who don't know what gift to get a toddler. They carry all the top brands and offer parenting advice and tips.

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