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Where to buy cheap director chair covers

A director chair is a type of folding furniture, with a frame in wood or metal that easily folds for compact storage. The frame itself is simple, yet sturdy enough to stand years of use. The canvas chair covers can be removed for washing, or replaced with chair covers of another design. Home furnishing suppliers sometimes stock director chair replacement covers to sell online. Read this article to know where to buy cheap director chair covers.

Online marketplace

As of 01.08.11, a seller on had director chair replacement covers from top brand, Habitat, selling for just one pound fresh out of the box. With a huge variety of items listed, finding the one that you need on online marketplaces won't always be so straightforward. Canny shoppers take time to learn the ins and outs of doing searches on, but should pay the same attention to the sellers whom they're buying from, YMMV. However, the convenience of having results ranked according to price and customer feedback outweighs the frustrations of patient buyers.

Home furnishing retailers

One advantage of websites belonging to a national chain or local store is the ease of returning purchases to a nearby brick-and-mortar outlet. Likewise, stores like have established reputations among buyers, compared to anonymous sellers on online marketplaces. Also, they deliver orders to include chair covers within the UK through their own facilities, again unlike third party sellers. Sites like merge the convenience of online shopping and proven reliability, but without “physical” stores. Since they also skip the expense of rent and paying for staff, they edge most rivals on pricing.

Specialty suppliers

Websavvy specialty manufacturers and retailers like give up nothing in payment options and ease of browsing catalogues. They gain ground on quality streets ahead of
mass-market, and especially custom orders and unique services. For one thing, lives up to its name, selling director chair covers with the buyer's name painted on the canvas. None of this need to connote High Street and prices to match, given the savings of a limited and particularly outsourced staff. A welcome amenity is talking to the original craftsperson, who may well be the proprietor of a smaller boutique supplier.

Film enthusiast suppliers

Some suppliers see the director's chair as more than a piece of furniture. takes the chair's original role to heart, right up to importing chair covers made in the USA with the Hollywood image in front and in the centre. Depending on chair sizes, canvas covers go for £17-£20, padded ones for £40-£48, as on 01.08.11.

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