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Where to buy cute dresses for kids

Cute dresses are fun for both the parents and for the little girls who like them. Little girls have been wearing dresses for centuries, sometimes, little boys as well. Often, they emulated the styles of the adults. In the late 1700s, children's dresses became less restrictive. It was a trend which continued today that of making clothing for children and not miniature adults. Buying cute dresses can be fun and there is more than one way to go. Read on.

Clothing stores and online retailers

Clothing stores are a place where there are many cute dresses to choose from. There, you will find knit dresses, fitted dresses, smocked dresses as well as dresses which can be considered formal clothes that can be used for occasions like formal parties and weddings. Some of the dresses can be done in historical styles. Stores where you can find children's dresses include Boden, Pumpkin Patch, Children's Salon and more. You can also buy child's dresses from online retailers like Millie Jane, Just Dresses, Poco Ropo and more.

Charity shops and rummage sales

There is one thing about kids that is a guaranteed: they'll grow. For that reason, it is not necessary to only buy new dresses for your kids, when perfectly wearable and quite cute, but used dresses are available. You may even be able to find affordable shoes to go along with these dresses as well as other cute clothing. There will be good brand names among them as well as baby clothes and exclusive clothing. You can find cute dresses at Oxfam, the British Red Cross shop in Chelsea, the Octavia Foundation store in South Kensington, Crusaid in Pimlico and more. Lawn sale and rummage sales are excellent sources for kids cute dresses as well. Just check the condition before buying.

Make cute dresses

If you don't have to buy kids dresses, you can make them. There are plenty of sewing shops that sell cute dress patterns as well as lovely fabric to make them. Such stores are Dots N Stripes, Sew Essential, M is for Make, Abakhan and Gone to Earth. If you like to sew traditional and historical patterns, then patterns for kids dresses are available through such companies as Folkwear, eBay, Pegee, Past Patterns and more. Buy fabric that you like and which will wear well and is washable. Beyond that, have fun and create some cute dresses for your kids.

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