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Where to buy discounted photography supplies

This article looks at some of the places where you can go to to buy cheap and discounted photographic equipment. From the High Street to the Internet, here are just some of the possible places which you can go to in order to purchase all that you need for photography.

Older model cameras

Photography can be a profitable career and it can also be a hugely rewarding hobby, but as most every photographer will know, it can also be very expensive. Most of the market leaders bring out new models of cameras and lenses every year and keeping up can be a challenge and hit you hard in the pocket. However, the good news is that as photographers upgrade to the latest models, the older models can be picked up quite cheaply. Professional photographers will upgrade their equipment quite regularly, so if you know someone who does this for a living and if they have recently upgraded their equipment, it’s worth enquiring what they plan to do with their old camera.


There is a thriving market for second-hand goods on Ebay and other online auction sites and while the sheer amount of photographic equipment sold on these sites means that you may have spend several hours sifting through the pages of content, you can pick up a real bargain. If you don’t like the idea of buying second-hand equipment, there are numerous sellers on Ebay that sell discounted photographic equipment that while not brand named, do almost the same job as their more costly branded alternatives. As with all your purchases, it is advised that you shop around.

Specialist photographic suppliers

As Internet prices are generally cheaper than those on the High Street, if you are looking to stick to a budget then the web-based sellers will probably be your best bet. You can find many specialist suppliers on the Internet that sell cameras and photographic supplies that are much cheaper than a High Street store. Sites such as, or specialise in discounted cameras and accessories. Moreover, High Street stores sometimes have great seasonal sales and are worth visiting to see what they can offer. Shopping on the High Street also gives you the opportunity to get a feel for the equipment, and maybe even try it out before you buy.

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