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Where to buy drywipe whiteboards

Drywipe boards owe their inception to the chalk board. Until 1801, students used individual chalk boards unto which their teachers would write math problems and other lessons. Thanks to the large chalkboard, teachers were able to teach everyone at once. The drywipe board was invented in the 1980s and began to be used first in businesses and then in the schoolroom. This article details out where to buy drywipe whiteboards.

Office supply stores

Drywipe boards can be found in office supply stores and online. The boards range from 600mm wide by 450mm high to 1800mm wide and 1200mm high. Most stores sell the boards with fixing kits (to attach it to the wall) as well as screws and "wall plugs" (for installing boards on a sheetrock wall). The boards also come with tray to hold the pens though the pens are sold separately. The colour of the boards range from white to graphite grey and they can be magnetic.

Educational supply stores

The popularity of the drywipe board in the classroom began in the 1990s. The boards gained their popularity as computers became more a presence in the classroom; a presence that could be potentially harmed by the dust of chalk used to write on chalkboards. Popularity of drywipe boards The fact that some children were allergic to the dust created by chalkboards also cemented the drywipe boards popularity as a teaching tool. Drywipe boards can be found in stores that sell educational tools. Like the boards sold for office use, some of the types sold are magnetic boards.

Used drywipe boards

It is not necessary to buy drywipe boards new. These boards stand up well to use. Buying used drywipe boards means that not only will you be saving money but you will be buying your office, business or school a useful tool. These used boards are available at surplus stores or stores that sell used office and business furniture. Make sure that you inspect the boards before buy to know whether they are in good state. Another place to buy the drywipe boards is from schools or daycare centres that are closing. These sales are often advertised in the paper or online. Buying drywipe boards at yard sales or rummage sales is also a possibility.

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