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Where to buy golf socks

Golfers require all kinds of different clothing and equipment to get the most enjoyment out of their 18 holes of golf, including golf socks. The type of golf sock you wear can be important, depending on the conditions you are playing in. This article will inform you of the different places where you can buy golf socks.

Golf sock brands

All the leading golf brands will have golf socks available for customers to buy. 'Calloway', 'Titlist', 'Wilson' and 'Footjoy' are all examples of these brands. Some of the general sports brands, such as 'Nike' and 'Adidas' will also have a variety of golf socks available.

Golf and sport retail shops

There will be a vast amount of shops that sell golf socks, including specific golf shops and sports retail shops. Purchasing a specific type of golf sock won't require much advice, but if there is any to be given, then you will most likely find it at a golf shop. They will also most likely have a variety of different socks available, such as shorter-length socks designed for the summer and longer, more water-restraint, socks for the winter. A general sport retail shop is likely to have general,
all-day, sport socks, as well as selling the odd pair of golf socks. All the top retailers such as 'JJB Sports', and 'Sports Direct' will sell a lot of top brand's sportswear, so Nike and Adidas golf wear should be openly available.


If going to a retail shop isn't your thing, you can always buy your golf socks online. Like with the retail shops, there will be golf-specific websites and general sports shop websites which have golf socks available. '' has Footjoy golf socks, Nike golf socks and Calloway golf socks available, as well as ladies golf socks. As of 06.08.11, the prices of the socks range from between £3.99 and £9.99. '' has a descriptive golf socks section that informs the customer of the benefits of buying a certain type of sock. The men's section has four different varieties of socks available, whilst the ladies section has three varieties. Retail site '' also has a selection of golf socks available. As of 06.08.11, the price of socks began at £2.99.

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