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Where to buy high visibility vests for sports

High visibility vests and bibs serve two main functions in sport. Firstly, they are used by players and coaches in training, to help run drills and separate different teams such as attack versus defence. Secondly, high vis vests and jackets are worn by stadium security and stewarding staff to make it clear to the general public that there are people present both for safety and information. This article explains where to buy high vis vests for sports.

Training vests

Sports wear
High vis sports vests, colloquially known as "bibs", are available in all major sports stores. Most vests are not made specifically for a particular sport such as specialist rugby or football vests, but rather, they are sold as large packs with different sizes of high vis vests within. The vests tend to come in two main colours: day-glow yellow and bright orange. Nevertheless, they can also be purchased in any colour a team may want. Furthermore, team coaches and management staffs can also mail or Internet-order customised high vis vests with a club's badge and team sponsor printed upon it. This will add to the team's professional image when it is training. It is uncommon for players to have their own personalised vests however, except at the very highest levels of professional sports. Specialist sports
Some of the high vis vests need to meet with certain criteria however, in order to be useful to coaches and managers in certain sports. High vis vests worn by water sports participants, for example, should be waterproof as well as possibly containing flotation devices. High vis vests worn for extreme sports enthusiasts however, may contain specialist arm, elbow and chest padding, for example. Specialist high vis vests are less commonly sold on High Street, but users will find them in sports shops designated to their specific sport.

Crowd control

Sports stadium stewards are normally required to wear high vis vests and jackets. This instantly shows the public that they are members of staff and also that they are responsible for crowd control, health and safety and dispensing information to crowd members. High vis vests and jackets usually have the same basic information printed upon them when used by stewards at sports events. This includes the steward's job title and his specific employee number. High vis vests for sporting crowd-control purposes are less commonly available in general and High Street sports stores. Those looking to buy steward and crowd-control high vis vests and jackets, must normally do so from specialist crowd-control supplies websites as well as workwear supplies websites.

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