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Where to buy pink engagement rings

In the year 2002, Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez a six-carat, pink diamond engagement ring and women have been coveting it ever since. Many coloured engagement rings have surfaced in trends since then, such as the canary ring or the infamous "Diana" sapphire ring, but none has been as popular as the pink "Bennifer" ring. Pink is also a treasured choice as pink is the symbolic colour of love.

Auctions websites
Ebay is home to thousands of different items, and engagement rings are no exception. Simply make an account on eBay and type in "pink engagement ring" and surely, pages of search results for pink engagement jewellery will pop up in all different cuts, shades, and settings. The choice to Buy It Now or simply put up a bid will ensure you to find cheap engagement rings.
Bidz is an online brand name jewellery auction website much like eBay. However, it only offers real diamond rings at a highly discounted price. There is a search bar at the top of the page next to the logo. Typing in "pink ring" or "pink engagement" will bring up pages of results, all at affordable costs. Pink engagement rings on Bidz not only sell pink diamonds, but also pink pearl engagement rings and pink diamond studded bands as well.

Online stores

Emitations is an online store that sells pink diamond engagement rings for under $200. Emitations even sells a dupe of JLo's engagement ring, coming in a sterling silver, five carat, pink, emerald cut cubic zirconia, among other pink engagement rings sold.
Leibish Co
Leibish is a website found at and specialises in all the different coloured diamonds, including pink. Pictures, colours, weight, clarity, shape, price, and comparisons are all given on a convenient chart to help buyers to pick the perfect pink diamond. Other websites that offer pink engagement rings are Diamon Exchange - Canada,, Abazias,, MDC Diamonds New York, the Natural Sapphire Company, and the Hardy Brothers Jewellers. There are also many websites online where you can design your own wedding ring or make your own engagement ring.

In person

Unlike the other online stores listed here, Anthony Gray is a store in London, England that boasts of a wide range of engagement rings in various different cuts. They also sell pink sapphire engagement rings. Other stores which you can attend in person for pink engagement rings are Tiffany&Co., People The Diamond Store, Spence Diamonds.

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