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Where to buy plastic baskets

Plastic baskets, trays and bins have endless applications in the home and office. From garden baskets and plastic pots to washing baskets and bathroom toiletry containers, plastic storage solutions are visible just about everywhere. However, the widest use is likely to be in the kitchen, where one needs it for everything from simple bread trays to storage bins. Large baskets can be stacked to save space, and they're lightweight and cheap too.

A Place For Everything

This store specialises in providing storage solutions for specific needs, as opposed to just buying something with a label on it. They have folding crates, under-bed boxes, file storage boxes to replace filing cabinets, and they have fun stackable LEGO storage bricks for storing children's toys. Customers can also opt for wicker baskets, rattan baskets and other woven baskets like the many choices that are made out of seagrass. Note that customers can also buy all these online from the store's website.

Online shopping

In fact, for those interested in buying online, a lot of other websites and online shopping mega-sites would offer more choice. Visit Amazon's
'Home Storage & Bins' under their 'Homeware & Furnishings' category to find an amazing range of baskets and bins for just about every need. Nextag is pretty good for comparing prices and features of different types of baskets from all major sellers. Other useful sites where large and small baskets can be purchased online include RapidRacking and HomeBase.

DIY parts

An option that not many people would consider is to get DIY parts. It's even possible to get cheap buckets and use plastic spray paint to turn it into a plastic bin or basket. A bike basket can be a hand woven wicker basket, or one fashioned out of wood or even a milk crate. Easter baskets for carrying eggs can be made from material that one commonly finds in all homes. There are simple DIY tutorials available that can help teach a person how to make baskets using plastic strips.


There's a lot of concern about filling landfills with harmful material that won't be bio-degradable. For these eco-conscious consumers, there are plenty of
eco-friendly choices like the seagrass and rattan baskets mentioned above. Some of the sellers on Amazon offer recycled plastic vegetable baskets. Online shoppers can easily find fair trade recycled plastic baskets on eBay. A company called Krasco specialises in handwoven baskets made using
100% recycled plastic milk bottles.

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Some inventive ideas for tea light holders

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A guide to buying a glass candle holder

A guide to buying a glass candle holder

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Paperchase: The facts

Paperchase: The facts

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