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Where to buy the latest DVD's at a discount

The latest DVD's are usually those that have just been released in the previous three or four months from the cinema screen. To buy these films, we usually have to pre-order them if we wish to watch them as soon as we would like to. Where can we find them at a discount, so as to save us money? This article gives an overview of where to buy the latest DVD's at a discount.

DVD hire

Dvd Hire
If we love our films, and do not have the money to buy them out-right on DVD or Blu-ray, then the next best option is to rent them. Blockbuster online is one of such service that we can use. This requires you to become a monthly paying member to its service. Then, you choose the DVD you wish to hire, they post it, you keep it and watch it as many times as you like. Then, return it through the post, so that they can send you your next DVD on your list. This is truly an easy service to use. Other hire firms
Other places to hire films are LoveFilm, the exact same service as that of the Blockbusters' movies via postal service. We can even rent from the digital download services that Apple with the iTunes service provide. Where to purchase at discount
Some of the best places to purchase our DVDs or Blu-rays are those of the online retailers. Often, we can get a nice discount by using their pre-order service. This means that you get the film on the day it is released, if not before. Try these online retailers: 1)
5) In the high street
If you don't like the thought of having to wait for your purchase through online retailers, you may like to try these high-street retailers: 1) HMV
2) Cex
3) Asda
4) Tesco
5) Sainsburys All of the above can cost some great prices for new and older DVD releases.

New DVD releases

Another option is that of the digital download services. Here, we can shop and get the latest films downloaded to our PC's immediately, with no need to wait. Try iTunes. also do a download service. For those of us with either a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, we also have digital downloads for films using our respective services like PSN or Xbox Live.

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