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Where to buy used Canon lenses

Buying camera equipment can be expensive, especially for beginners or hobbyists. One way to get good deals on cameras is to buy photography equipment from other hobbyists who want to move on to newer models, sell their used lenses, cameras and other gears. Find out in this article where to buy used Canon lenses and other brands of used SLR.

Things to consider when buying used camera equipment

Although one can save on discount cameras from sites like eBay, another way to fit photo equipment into one’s tight budget would be to find used or
second-hand cameras, lenses, tripods, cases and other stuffs. You will easily find these from photography enthusiasts who want to move on to newer models and sell their stuff immediately through the Internet. However, before you jump into this, consider the following: Seller's reliability
Try to find out about the credibility and reliability of the seller through his verifiable online reputation, the seller's online account and his membership in online forums. Try to find out if the seller is giving full disclosure of the condition and history of the lens of the other camera equipment that he is selling. Return policy
Ask if there is a return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Warranty coverage is also ideal for a good purchase. Price
Think about the price. Sometimes, sellers will not give a big discount, especially if the item is in a good condition. You must consider if you will be able to
re-sell the lens for a good price later, when you want to get a new one.

Buying used Canon lenses

Online shops recommends buying used, reconditioned or refurbished Canon lenses from its partners like B&H Photo Video, Adorama and Cameta Camera. One can also look for online forums or communities whose members are electronics and photography enthusiasts looking to buy and sell cameras, and other electronic products online. Canon website
However, to get special offers from a more reliable source, try going directly to the Canon website, and look for their refurbished lenses. Here, you will find an accurate description of every Canon lens SLR and other products that you might be interested in. Canon offers a 90-days refurbished camera limited warranty. The website also features product specifications, technical support and customer service. References
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