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Where to buy white gold bands

Buying those white gold bands is a major decision, and one which simply has to be perfectly right. It's advisable not to pick up the first engagement ring on sale which one sees in a store. There are so many choices, from titanium rings and gold eternity rings to tungsten wedding bands and a silver engagement ring. Where and how to buy an engagement ring is explained in detail below.

Jewellery shops

The safest way to get an engagement ring would be in person, from a jewellery shop. It can be one of the rings which they have on display, or made to order. Going for a diamond ring or platinum bands or Celtic engagement rings should depend on the buyer's budget and the preferences of the couple. One question which makes a difference is whether or not to take the prospective bride along to buy the ring. Some women may prefer to choose the diamond ring size, but this may not always be possible. Either way, there's nothing which can replace the preciousness of a unique diamond ring, hand-picked based on its cut, clarity, colour and carat from a high-end store like Tiffany.

Online shopping

Apart from buying a custom-made ring, there's no reason why it shouldn't be ordered online. If so, then shopping for engagement rings online provides more choice than buying them from what's available in one store. Amazon has a special store for 'Wedding and Engagement' jewellery. It offers a massive collection of stunning rings, including everything from platinum rings and white or yellow gold eternity bands to solitaires and wedding bands made for women and men. Customers can filter the lists based on price, from $25 to $2000 and above.

Antique shops

Another place to get hold of a priceless and timeless ring is at an antique shop. Most antique shops will have a few unique engagement rings on sale which probably can't be found anywhere else. Buying these rings may not be as easy as getting a new ring from a jewellery store, because it's hard to know the right price or the quality of the ring.

Wedding shops

Those looking at a wedding plan and future purchases may want to look at it as part of the shopping required for a wedding. If so, then the best choice would be at wedding shops where couples can buy the rings and create a wedding registry to make their shopping easy.

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Based in Brighton, East Sussex, Ring Jewellery UK is the ideal place to make a truly unique gift for a friend or loved one, or to simply spoil yourself. This bespoke jewellery store lets customers have something they love to be created for them, rather than simply settling for a ring in a shop window.
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Where can I get a Celtic wedding ring online?

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