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Where to buy wrist weights

Wrist weights allow users to add resistance to arm movements without the restrictions that dumbells would bring. There is also the advantage of being more discreet and a fraction of the cost of buying dumbells. The popularity of wrist weights have increased in recent years, which means that they are available in a number of outlets. Read the following article to know where to buy wrist weights.

Use wrist weights responsibly

Wrist weights have become a great accessory for people looking for a discreet way of adding resistance to everyday movement or for training purposes. Even light weights bring the benefits of resistance training to everyday movement. When weights are added to an exercise, the body burns between five and fifteen percent more calories. Wrist weights can be most beneficial during aerobic exercise, helping to tone muscles as well as to increase the heart rate. If the user has arm or hand injuries, it is advised not to use wrist weights as they may put too much stress on the injury and cause pain. It is advised that wrist weights be used for stationary exercises to avoid any unnecessary injury, but if the user decides to use them as running weights, it is advised that they first seek guidance from their local GP.

Where to purchase wrist weights

Wrist weights can be bought at a number of outlets and not just at sports stores. Online retailers Amazon carry a wide range of brands at varying prices. Depending on the weight sought, they are priced between £10 and £40. Sportsdirect also offer discounted weights. Sports shops This is the best place to pick up fitness weights. Depending on the store, they carry varying brands, but usually, they include more well-known brands such as Reeboks weights or Everlast. Prices vary greatly from store to store. High Street stores
You can even buy weights in normal High Street stores. John Lewis, Next, and TK Maxx all carry either their own brand or well-known named brands. Again, as with online retailers, prices vary greatly. Free ads With added popularity comes a lot of unwanted gifts or unused items. So, it may be beneficial to check the second-hand sports equipment section in local papers. Ebay offers both new and used options of wrist weights.

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