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Where to check the football results

A busy schedule or prior engagements means that people can't always be there to watch football live or keep track of the results as they happen. This is why it is good to know that there are a lot of places available to check the match results. This article looks at the best place to get the week's statistics.


Plenty of news sites offer a sports section dedicated to footy news and a few of the most common ones are the following: Sky sports live score It offers all the sports news and results for all football matches, from the conference league all the way up to the Premier league. It also offers live commentary via a text service on screen. BBC sports BBC sports is similar to Sky sports score centre in that it covers all the teams from lower end to upper league. The Football tab on the BBC webpage also offers news stories surrounding the team such as players transfers and managers interviews. The sun online
This offers news on football and transfer news but unlike Sky and BBC, it only reports down to league two and not the teams in the conference table. Bookmakers sites Bookmakers sites often have results posted on them but not for long after the match has finished. They are simply there to check bets made on the match and so, unless the match has shortly ended, results may be taken down. Google’s chrome browser Google’s chrome browser has an extension called “Ultimate Football Results” to check live football scores. This extension was launched by Google to allow users to follow their favourite football team. It works by collecting data from web pages like the BBC and displays them in the chrome browser, thereby allowing people to get results without having to refresh. It can also be minimised while work is being done.


Newspapers Newspapers offer all the sports results usually towards the back of the paper. All major daily papers dedicate a page or two to sports particularly football. Weekend editions of the papers tend to have a supplement dedicated purely to the week's sporting events. Even free papers like the metro deal with the important results of the week, usually concentrating on the premiership sides and on the international teams. Phone applications Phone applications today offer innovative ways of keeping in touch with information on the move and as such, a few free applications include the Sky sports live score centre, ifooty both for iPhone or FotMob and livescore for Android phones.

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