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Where to download free true tones

True tones or real ringtones, as they are sometimes called, have revolutionised the mobile content market. They have replaced the polyphonic ringtones and account for more than 76% of consumer spending on music personalisation for mobile ringtones. This article will describe where to download free true tunes and what the most popular true tone downloads are today.

What everyone is downloading

Phone tones are available as downloads from a variety of free ringtones sites. Many websites also offer ringtones for specific models of mobile phones for example, Nokia and Motorola. These ringtones are preferred over the older monophonic and polyphonic tones, as they sound richer. Below are the most popular ringtones today. Football ringtones
These ringtones remain popular, especially with the younger crowd. The most downloaded ringtones in this category are the Manchester and Arsenal ringtones. Other popular downloads
Besides regular true tones like football and cricket ringtones, there are a few tunes that are downloaded very often. These include the 'Mission Impossible' theme tune and the 'Dr. Who' ringtone. Other favourites include Linkin Park’s 'Crawlin' and the X-Files theme.

Where to download

There are different ways to download a ringtone. You can either download directly onto your mobile device by using a WAP-enabled phone or you can download the tone on a computer. You can then, transfer the ringtone to your mobile device. Below are two popular sites to download tones from. Sprint ringtones
Free ringtones are available for Sprint phones on a number of websites. Some of the more popular ones include and Other popular sites for downloading ringtones for Sprint phones is It offers downloadable wallpapers in addition to the phone ring tones. Zedge
Offering free downloads for almost any kind of mobile device, has hundreds or thousands of ringtones for every kind of ringtone taste. In addition, you can create your own ringtones and share them with others.

Other cool stuff to go with ringtones

Along with ringtones, websites also offer other stuff to download for example, wallpapers and themes. Community sites like are a great way to share downloads and make the most of what is available online. With community sites, you can browse through and find out what is most popular in terms of games, videos, themes, software and other downloads.

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