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Where to find Firefighter training courses?

Here's a guide to where you can go to train to become a firefighter.

Are you eligible to train?

Maybe, you have just started considering becoming a firefighter. Before you think about the training, you may want to check if you are ready for training. Criteria for eligibility
In order to be eligible to train as a firefighter, you must be at least 18, and have previously passed your National Firefighter Ability tests, which consist of four written assessments.
National Fighter Questionnaire You will also need to have completed a National Firefighter Questionnaire, which aims to find out whether you have the personal attributes for the job. There is also a number of practical tests including on that, which assesses your ability to work in confined spaces

Training courses in London

Duration of the course It takes approximately four months to train as a firefighter with the London Fire Brigade. They host an intensive non-residential course at their training centre in Southwark. The course's schedule The course usually runs on week from 8:30 to 4:30 pm. You would be well advised to check out their website at (firefighter training), for precise details of the training programme.

Plenty of choice

For those living outside of the capital, you must not surely fear. You still have plenty of other choices. There are, in fact, 20 institutions which run training courses including, GTG Training First Response Learning Edeta (Training Service) British Red Cross Award-winning training
Perhaps, you’d like to train with ‘the largest single provider of specialist operational fire, and rescue training in the UK, the Fire Service College. They claim to have unrivaled experience and unequaled expertise. The award-winning college is based in Morreton-in-Marsh in Gloucestershire, and offers a whole host of different courses, including Practical Fire Investigation and Managing Community Safety. For more details on the college and the training courses they offer, you can visit their website, that can be found at
Training in Scotland For those living in Scotland, you can train at the Scottish Fire Services College, based in Gullane in East Lothian. The college can cater a maximum of 120 students in their residential facilities, and the Scottish institution is set on a 10-acre site. They offer a range of courses, including a 13 week Firefighter Foundation Programme. To find out more, you can check out their website at

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