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Where to find Lancashire jobs

Lancashire jobs are advertised in many places. Central jobs advertising boards are kept at local facilities such as High Street job centres, but there is a string competition for those jobs. This article is about where to find jobs in Lancashire.

Lancashire jobs boards

Certain types of employment are advertised at the local job centres in the county and its towns, but many more jobs are advertised in newspapers and on various jobs boards.
Universities There are half a dozen or more universities in the large area that were once designated as Lancashire for local government purposes. Each of these, such as UCLAN the Preston university, has their own careers' department and can advise on local, national, and global job opportunities.
University ancillary workers Any university also offers a wide range of employment opportunities for the local population to support its services. All kinds of ancillary and administration work are available for qualified individuals. Approach their HR departments, which often have job boards in their corridors.

Local government jobs

Lancashire was a very large county, but certain towns and cities now have their own administrations, such as Greater Manchester and Blackpool, while Lancashire administration is run from Preston.
Local government employment Local authorities handle the employment of certain groups of workers, such as teachers and social workers. Details of teaching vacancies will often be advertised in local newspapers, national newspapers, and professional teachers magazines. The website for Lancashire's local government,, offers details of vacancies for teachers on a separate website from its other vacancies.
Manchester When the city made a bid to host the Olympic Games, it developed many new facilities that have generated jobs around, providing sports access and sporting events.

The website for Lancashire local government,, offers information on vacancies in a wide range of jobs, from apprenticeship opportunities through archiving jobs or cleaning jobs to clerk's jobs, to jobs in the criminal justice system, the countryside and the conservation employment.
Regional newspapers Many Lancashire local government jobs, and Manchester or Blackpool jobs, will also be advertised in regional newspapers, such as the Manchester Evening News and the Lancashire Evening Post. The website is run by twelve local newspapers combining resources to provide this local information. has a comprehensive jobs facility.

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