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Where to find Ministry of Defence (MOD) jobs

The Ministry of Defence, commonly abbreviated to MOD, is the UK government department, responsible for the implementation of the British government's defence policies. There are several places to look for jobs with the MOD, depending on the kind of service preferred.

Royal Navy

The Ministry came together as a result of wartime re-organisations of the political structures. These underpin Britain's various military forces, when Winston Churchill became Prime Minister in 1940, at the beginning of World War Two.
The first place to look for any of the defence jobs on offer is the MOD website,
This conveniently breaks down into four sections, detailing the way in which a prospective service personnel applies for each discrete branch of service as well as civilian vacancies.
For people wishing to look for naval jobs, the website address is Here, prospective candidates can browse the range of RN jobs on offer. Candidates can look at the range of career options that the Royal Navy provides. It also provides useful tips on the kind of fitness, required to even consider joining Britain's 'Senior Service'. Hence, being a competent swimmer is deemed as essential.

British Army For jobs in the army, the first place to look is the army website, This site also provides a telephone number, which potential recruits can call for more details. This is a UK number, 0845 600 8080. The UK Army makes much of its abilities, to provide recruits with skills and trade, which is viable in civilian life as well as the military. Many of its training programmes and jobs centre focus upon specific skills, such as vehicle maintenance or electric and mechanical engineering, trades which can be transferred to civilian life. There is also the opportunity to attend an Army College for 16-17 year-old recruits, who can then boost their post-16 education, whilst also earning.

Royal Air Force
Those people, who wish to pursue careers in the RAF, the website is again the best place to start, The RAF offers jobs in a whole range of areas, and the website provides an in-depth guide on how to apply for all types of job seekers, from 16-year-old school leavers to university graduates. On all three of the discrete service sections of the website, it is also possible to search for an potential recruit's closest Armed Forces Career Office (AFCO). This is where candidates can discuss their ambitions with a member of the service.

Civilian jobs

MOD's jobs site Civilian jobs can also be found at the MOD's jobs site. These are Civil Service jobs, and cover a huge variety of administrative and maintenance type roles. Details can be found in the Civilian Careers section of the website.

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