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Where to find a free brochure maker

A brochure can be used for many purposes, but advertising a product or service, or to provide information are perhaps the most pertinent reasons why individuals or organisations use a brochure to advertise their products and/or services to their target market. This article will provide information on where to find a free brochure maker.

Microsoft Word

Within Microsoft Word, you can choose from a variety of brochure templates of various sizes depending upon their purpose. A brochure must contain the relevant information and keywords, images and above all, must effectively promote your product or service. Within the brochure itself, your contact details should be listed, where they are easy to find, and are presented clearly. Word provides a variety of professional templates to choose from for your brochure, and when you have selected the most appropriate template, you can customise the colours, fonts, images, and content accordingly. Once your brochure is complete, you can then either print it out yourself if you have access to a printer, or send it to a local printing company to be professionally printed on brochure paper.

The Internet

The Internet is a vast resource, and with a little searching, there are a few, quality brochure making websites to choose from, some of which are free, whilst others may charge for the service. SmartDraw On the SmartDraw website, you can download a free trial of the software to create a professional looking, comprehensive brochure for any purpose. The software has basic features to help you to create your brochure, but also offers the following: -Flowcharts
-Organisational charts
-Visual outlines
-Charts and graphs
-Project charts
-Mind maps
-Floor plans
-Landscape plans
-Network diagrams
-Software design
-Website Design
-Forms To purchase the full software from the website, the price is $197, currently at 13.08.11, obtained from the SmartDraw website. My Brochure Maker This website helps you to create a free brochure in five steps, for yourself, for a business, or group. The website states that it can offer ‘colourful, premium brochure templates’ There is also an option to print the brochure yourself or send it to My Brochure Maker who will print the document and post it to you. The website offers customised templates which can be amended to suit the purpose of your business. In addition, if you have your own business logo, then you can easily upload and incorporate it into the content of your brochure.

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